What Our Patients Say

In September of 2007 my wife Linda and I decided on your dental office for my dental care. The primary decision making factor for us was the option of intravenous sedation for me that my dentist at that time did not offer and your office did. I had gotten to the point that I was reluctant to maintain my dental needs due to my discomfort and anxiety of shots in my mouth. I absolutely dreaded the shots. When I had my first visit at your dental office I was immediately comfortable with your staff, and with you Dr. Ryan. When you administered my first sedation I was nervous. When my dental work was completed I was pain free with no memory of the dental work of the shots administered. I had found what I had always wanted from a dentist but didn't think existed; dental work with little or no resulting discomfort before, during or after procedures performed on me. Although all of your staff have been terrific, sarah has been with me during the majority of my dental procedures and has been absolutely wonderful. She has always made me feel relaxed and that I was in good hands. After three and one half years at your dental office I am absolutely and totally pleased in the care and treatment I have received from you Dr. Ryan and your staff.

Nicholas L.

All my life I have had a great fear of dentists, to the point that I wouldn’t go no matter how bad my teeth were. A dear friend one day said she wasn’t leaving my house until she got an appointment for me with a dentist, to which I replied “Well then you better find one that will put me to sleep!”, thinking that no such thing existed. But guess what? She contacted Dr. Ryan’s office, and right from the start Dr. Ryan and his staff understood my fears and cared for me in such a way that I could actually relax and walk in the door! I sleep through every appointment and am on my way to better health for my teeth and gums! Thank you Dr. Ryan and staff!

Jacklyn M.

I have always had a severe gag reflex and ever since I found out about Chico Creek Dental and IV Sedation Dentistry I love it! I recommend them, the relief from the gagging and the additional benefit of no pain is wonderful!

Rudy T.